Odin Grows Weary of The Evil of the Frost Outlanders

Odin grows weary of the evil of the frost outlanders-
Pedophilic blood sucking Usury buck toothed gentuza devoid of manners-

The spawn of which Loki is descended from-
The trickster, the problem, the deceiver, the give me some-

Of everything I did not labor for, not a drop of sweat that fell-
Feed me, cloth me, give me shelter and i will in return damn you all to Hel-

I will rape and murder your young in Frost Outlander rituals at night-
I will instigate deviancy, moral-less-ness in your young so that they bite-

The hand that rocked the cradle, the hand that tiled the ground-
The memory of their ancestors, their customs tried and sound-

So they run off after fads and cults, leaving the path of Truth and Right-
They become to their people and Land, a worthless blight-

Odin has had all of poisoning his people he can stand-
He has ordered an accounting on his demand-

Of the Frost Outlanders for their excesses of evil-
For their zionist zombie Hazbara lies and endless drivel-

Humanity must be given relief of their oppression sore-
From the Steppes of Russia pedophilic Kazarian whore-

Odin has dispatched Geri and Freki to cull the herd-
Of the Kazarian Frost Outlanders and are just waiting for Odins word-

To unleash the four horsemen and the hounds of Hel to start-
To drive the wooden stake through the Kazarian whore’s heart-

When Loki and his Frost Outlanders are nothing but dust-
Humanities heartfelt truthful cry will be illumination or bust-

Then mankind can grow in spirit, truth, humanity can travel far-
But just in case some Frost Outlanders escape, Odin keeps ready his Ulfheonar!

The Ole Dog!

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