The Child Raping and Witch Burning Self Righteous Hypocritical puritan yankee “christians” are Unrepentant and PROUD of Their Evil.

Have had a piker yankee scum trying to mount the big Lizards leg for two days, verbally, on Disqus. These yankee scum hate the truth, truth is like sunlight to Dracula to these evil baby raping zionist yankee puritan losers. Truth runs off them like water off a ducks back, like shit through a goose. […]

Bobby Fischer, Grand Master of Revisionism

Robert James “Bobby” Fischer began playing chess at Age Six when his mother Regina bought him a chess set at a candy store. Fischer and his older sister Joan learned the rules from the enclosed manual. Bobby and his sister began playing with each other, but Joan soon wasn’t a match for Bobby.[i] Fischer’s potential […]