Thirty Three Years Hitched To The Same Wagon, With the Same Mare

Got Texas dressed up, best blue jeans, boots polished, and took the wife to a nice feed bag place in a medium sized city, between San Antonio and Sodom and Gomorrah on the Colorado.

The traffic on the Interstate was bad.

The young lady showing us to our table revealed to my wife, it was her first day on the job.

Might have been her last.
She may have quit.
My wife mentioned it was our 33ed anniversary.

i told the girl, i never asked her to marry her.

Wife says, “He pursued me”!

Told the wife, yes, sometimes the predator, deceives the pursued into believing they are the pursuer.

About now the wife is telling me to shut up.

i told the girl, her mom said we were getting married weren’t we, the wife set a date, and i just showed up.

The wife tells the girl, “See how stupid he is”?

i told the girl, it was not just an old wives tail, about the girls mother feeding the boy so he will think if he marries the girl, she can cook like the mother, cause it happened to me!

i saw her later, so she did not quit right away.
Who knows?
She looked to be getting up to marrying age, maybe she was taking notes.

Thirty three years, and we both had the same size, style stake, cooked the same way, same salad dressing, same side dish.
Now the wife does get her salad dressing and gravy on the side, and i have em dump mine on top.

It is my belief i am the most honest Carleton i know of.
i have always said, any woman married a Carleton, and stayed with him, deserved a medal.

You can not see it in the photo, but hanging on that gold chain around her neck, is a 22 karat gold star.
Had a jeweler make the design i gave him.
Presented it to her a Christmas or two back in front of everyone, like a general would give a soldier a medal, for duty above and beyond and such things.

Course when i took her off her sisters hands, they said the Pope should make me a saint!

i tell the wife, God put us together, cause he took pity on two innocent people somewhere.

This was not my first marriage.
i will own up to two Ex wifes, and one several month long shack up with a crazy women before the wife and i got together.
Had a history, and was known to get rid of women, when i grew tired of their crap.

My personal best was two weeks for the second marriage.

When the wife and i got married, she snuggled up next to me with that warm soft body and said, “Honey, you ever try to leave me I will kill, you!”

Thirty three years later, we are still together

A Man can love a Women like that!

John C Carleton

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