Honor, Integrity, Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding,Duty, are not just words

Every living soul, energy, i, by whatever name one wants to call that immortal thing inside this body, which lives on, does not die, is a pilgrim on the path to the enlightenment of illumination.

Some are young in this journey, having just graduated to Human Form, for this school of lessons which is called life on this world, the Earth.
Some are very-very-very old here in Human Form.

The old always look at the young, disgusted with some of their ways, forgetting, at that age, they were as bad or worse.

So as aggravating as children, teenagers, “young Adults” or young souls are, thats the way the cow ate the cabbage.
The aggravation of the sheep will always be with the old souls.

That said, the youngster souls don’t seem to be growing.
They are me first, second, third, till the last.
No honor.
No integrity.
No truth.
No knowledge.
No wisdom,
No understanding.
No sense of Duty.
And if i may add, no balls!

All those things i listed above, which the sheep, (new souls), do not possess, they recognize the words, but have no true concept of the real meanings the words convey.

The sheep may think they know what the words mean, but they do not.

To truly comprehend the meanings of these words in an enlightened manner, a soul has to EARN that right.

Natural Law, when one is born, bestows on one certain God given Rights.

This right, the Right to comprehension of those words, is not in the basic package of Natural or God given Rights, one receives at birth.

To earn that right, a soul must struggle, fight, try, fail, win, against their own baseness, for many many lives.
They must ask for comprehension of these concepts.

And above all else They must WANT comprehension of the concepts, but also, the integration of these treasures into ones own being.

Now that is not achievable when a soul is running around trying to rule the whole world, posses all the wealth in the world, bed all the women or men in the world, have all power over all others.

Got to learn what the real treasures of this world are.

Not power, not wealth, not sex with everyone all the time, but the lessons learned by our mistakes and failures, folded into that i which does not die, but lives on.

For many lives, i felt if i could just put the message in the right words, tone, delivery, i could wake the sheep and help them reach enlightenment.

i was arrogant and overestimated my importance in the scheme of things.

God, the Universe, That which is decides when the sheep are ready to move up a notch, and if they need some help getting started on the journey, the Light will send the Four Horsemen to get the herd headed in the right direction.

As for as what name to place on The Power Over Nature, i will leave you with a quote from George Patton:
“God is God, no matter what you chose to call him.”
George S Patton

JOHN C Carleton

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