Three Reflexes All Real Soldiers, Real Warriors Possess.

Been times people ask me if i was afraid in my war.
Mostly younger people trying to gauge just how brave they have to be.

As a NCO, some of what i taught my troops, was everyone knows fear, at least any sane person.
The thought of some big hunk of a shell or metal tearing you ass apart at any moment should scare the shit out of you!
Told em there were times a strong man could not have driven a straight pin up my ass with a 20 pound sledgehammer!

Which will bring us to one of the reflexes momentarily.

Always told em, anyone says they been to a war, and did not know fear, is one of three things:
1. Insane.
2. Or a liar.
3. Because either they were not there, or they were there and are lying about not knowing fear.

But along with the every sane person knows fear, i would qualify that with, a little bit of fear, is a good thing, keeps you on your toes, keeps you alert, keeps you alive.

And you never let your fear rule you.
You must rule your fear.

Now these three reflexes should all happen at the same split second.

A. Shit Hits the Fan, hereafter referred to as SHTF.
B1. At the same split second the SHTF, The asshole tightens up so tight that strong man can not drive that straight pin up ones ass with a 20 pound sledge.

B2. Grasp their weapon and make ready.

B3. Identify from which direction the shit is coming, and what flavor that shit is.

This should all be instantaneous, and done without thought.

The only reason i listed the ass hole tightening up as the most important in the order of things to do when the SHTF, is i just never liked the shit, of having shit in my pants, when the Shit Hit the Fan.

Feel free to personally rearrange the importance order to suit yourself.

But when we muster afterwards to count heads, do be so kind as to stand down wind from me.

John C Carleton

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