Some Words of Wisdom, About Why America is in the Shape it is in, From an American Martyr, General George S Patton

General Patton with his side kick Willy, named for William the Conquerer, but afraid of gun fire.

As i look around at America, very-very seldom do i run into a honest person, who has honor, truth, understanding, and a sense of duty.

Most Americans have no concept what those words mean.

Most Americans, if given their freedom, would trade their freedom for a cold sixpack and warm piece of ass, before the sun went down!

Some Americans used to be pretty decent, dependable people.
Not all Americans.

You had the control freak witch burners and such gentuza, who were never worth a tinkers damn.

But you used to be able to find decent dependable folks, fairly easy in some parts of the country.

Thats gone, replaced with me first ass holes who have no concept of wrong, screwing over, or even murdering other folks to get what they feel the world, America, mama and daddy, owes them.

This did not happen by accident, and in 1942, American General George S Patton said:
“We bury the discipline of our laws when our leaders break the law without fear of punishment.
Don’t always blame the kids.
They follow their leaders.
Our Political leaders and movie stars admit in public to bribery, adultery, bigamy, and many major crimes.
And the general public approves!
Young people follow the examples set by their leaders.”

General George S Patton.

Now, if you want to know why the average American is a cowardly, evil, me first second and third narcissist, without truth, without honor, without integrity, without a sense of duty, not giving a shit about America or their kids and grandkids future, take a good hard look at Washington DC!

Bunch of baby rapers.
War crimiinals.
Bribe takers.
Control freaks.
Self righteous hypocrites.
Self serving.
Political whores.

If Americans are to ever learn to be a good people again, all the evil self serving people, at the top, in politics, religion, entertainment, courts, military, “banking”, will have to be made examples out of.

Oh yeah, and the American sheep begging earnest forgiveness for their evil collaboration and cowardliness, couldn’t hurt.

Then hold anyone wants to be a “Leader, to as high, if not a higher standard than the guy runs the store down the street, the burger flipper, the clerk.

And when he or she breaks those standards, the punishment must be swift and severe.

John C Carleton

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness in this world, against spiritual weaknesses in high places.”
Ephesians 6:12.

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