A Reunion of self and i

i struggle against the dark of the ignorance of whats outside-
Sheep with no good shepherd, following the jackals to their doom-
The fight against what separates me from all the things i have tried-
Lessons learned in other lives, lived under the same uncaring moon-

As i embrace the past and what i have in other lives done-
The struggle is old as time itself, this rebirth another time-
i will face new mistakes, struggles and lessons under an ageless sun-
A reunion of self and i, of me and him does bind-

The old me and the new i, together the stronger to make-
A better soul, a better man, a better fighter for side of right-
A pilgrim on the path of illumination for Nature sake-
So i must fight evil and hold to the path of duty with all my might!

The ole dog

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