Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between The Vatican, The CIA, & The Mafia-Zero Hedge

The OSS, was the WW2 forerunner and the parent of the CIA.

The OSS, collaborated with Russian Communist against America, and gave many war time secrets over to the Red Bolshevik Russian Communist.

The CIA, is an Anti-American crime cabal.
Last USA president tried to shut them down was assassinated.

No USA president since that time, has tried to control or shut down the CIA.

Except the serial baby raper and war criminal, Papa CIA BadBush, who was CIA.
And he sure as hell did not try to shut them down, but he was high up in the CIA’s crimes against America, and Humanity.

The Vatican?
What can one say about an organization who’s leadership has been raping little boys for about one thousand, eight hundred years?

The Mafia has more integrity and honor than either one of the other two.

The Mafia went slumming when they associated with these two evil POS war criminal organizations.

John C Carleton


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