Israhell zionist Three Shekel Hazbara Troll Blowing In The Cat House Winds of Time

Israhell zionist Three Shekel Hazbara troll Blowing In The Cat House Winds of Time-
This cat house thistle, a relief system for losers and vagabonds past their prime-

Earning IT’s keep with IT’s talents on IT’s back, knees and in a chair-
The ole vagabond riding an obese bucking troll, controlling the action with IT’s hair-

In-between overpriced three shekel romps in the hay-
IT tries to keep the Light of the Truth at bay-

Frothing at the mouth with each banging key stroke-
A cat house thistle defending evils which would make a mule choke-

Defending pedophiles, Usury and zionist made war-
But looking over IT’s shoulder, ever imagining the approach of Ramsar-

Who will drag IT to the place of IT’s just deserts-
To receive the illumination of the light until lit hurts-

The Piker Band awaits IT’s return from where IT has been-
Knowing that in the end, the Piker Band will come again-

In the pursuits of their duty in this, life’s scheme-
Oh the joyous sounds of IT’s harmonizing screams!

The Ole dog

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