Mass-Participation of People in Anti-Trump Demonstrations Continues across Syria-Fars News

TEHRAN (FNA)- Thousands of Syrian people across the country continued protest rallies against US President Donald Trump’s decision on annexation of the occupied Golan Heights to Israel.
The Arabic-language service of SANA news agency reported on Wednesday that a large number of people in the occupied Golan Heights gathered at Shohada (Martyrs) Square in the town of Majdal al-Shams to condemn Trump’s remarks about Golan Heights.

They carried Syrian flags, stressing the Arab identity of the Golan Heights and resistance against the US-Israeli measures in the region and describing Trump’s decision strait violation of the international resolutions.

Concurrently, thousands of civilians and activists demonstrated against Trump’s decision in Damascus, Sweida, Quneitra, Homs, Lattakia, Hama, Deir Ezzur and Dara’a, emphasizing that they will not compromise Syria’s territories.

The demonstrators said that Trump’s comments reveal plots against Syria, adding that all Syrian territories, including occupied Golan Heights, should be liberated.

Protests against Trump’s decision have been underway for more than a week now.

Trump last week formally recognized Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights, reversing decades of United State’s policy. The announcement came as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the White House in a trip.

World nations and prominent international rights groups condemned the recent decision by Trump to recognize Israel’s “sovereignty” over the Golan Heights, which has been under the Tel Aviv regime’s occupation for more than 50 years but belongs to Syria.


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