Aircraft Carriers Could Be Replaced by Cheap Missile Carriers Converted From Container Ships-Check Point Asia

Air craft carriers are as obsolete today, as the battle ships FDR allowed the Japanese to sink so he could drag America into a European Usury bankers war against Germany.

At the time, the aircraft carrier was cutting age naval weapons.
That was 78 years ago however, and as much as some sheep try to make the world stand still, it never does.

The only thing carriers are good for today, is status symbols, or parking off the coast of shit hole third world countries with no real Air Force or defenses, and bombing the hell out of them.

USA carriers would not last a week in a shooting war with either Russia or China.

Facts not commonly know, and the USA crime cabal makes sure the American people do not know, is for many years now, in war games, USA carriers have been sunk by submarines, without the submarines being detected until the shot is fired.
Once this was done by an antique diesel powered French submarine.

With the anti-ship missiles and technology the Russians and Chinese have now, they would not even have to sacrifice a sub and crew to take out the carriers.

Anyone, who does not understand, for the Iranians, sinking carriers and carrier escorts in the Straits of Hormuz, would be like shooting fish in a bucket, does not understand either modern weapons, or the Straits of Hormuz.

When one is a bully boy crime cabal, one does not attract the best in Statesmen or flag officers.

USA WASHINGTON DC, is like the bully boy who has had their way through force so long, they fail to see age is sapping their strength, while the younger crowd they have been bullying through force and intimidation, have grown up, grown stronger.

Americans need desperately to pull their heads out of their asses, while America can still be saved from some of the devastation USA/Washington DC is determined to visit upon America and Americans.

John C Carleton

Aircraft Carriers Could Be Replaced by Cheap Missile Carriers Converted From Container Ships

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