‘IT the pedophile promoting Israhell Hazbara whines for more’

IT the pedophile promoting Israhell Hazbara whines for more-
IT craves any attention, probably why IT is a hopeless bore-

IT has learned if IT makes a fool of IT’s low life sold out minion butt-
Decent folk will beat it about the hideous head, this sire of a street mutt-

IT embraces desperately sadomasochism, but the pain IT receives from repeated beatings-
Is preferable to IT than Humanity walking a wide path around IT, with no greeting-

A sad-sad case of a wasted life-
Living in turmoil, in self imposed strife-

The Ole Dog!

IT, got IT’s nick name, of IT as a Hazbara over the years, claimed to be straight, gay, bisexual, female, male, in IT’s lies from different sock puppets.
Two or three folks collaborated and came up with this.
SHE/HE/IT, shortened to SHIT, further abbreviated to IT.

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