Running a Hand Along the World

Looking at the present, it seems to be perched precariously on the edge of a new age.

But the damn thing just will not fall.
Humanity and the earth they infest, wobbles, wiggles, teeters, totters, shakes, shimmies.
But the damn thing just will not fall.

My self, i have always been an eat your pain and get it over with type.
This pulling a band aid off VERY SLOWLY, whining and crying as each hair is pulled out by the roots, never appealed to me.
Rip the micky mouse thing off, and be done with it!

So as for myself, I WANT whatever America can not avoid, what she must go through, on her path to the new age, to get the hell here already, and lets dance!

The longer an unpleasant chore is put off, the harder, the more unpleasant, the less ready one is to adequately preform that chore.

So Mother Nature, The Universe, God, The Light, That Which Is, by whatever name you feel comfortable with, PLEASE, lets get this shit rolling down hill!

Cause as I look around, run my hand along the world, there are very few people worth a damn, very few who are trying to build a better world, very few, who will not screw others over to get some perceived gain or advantage, very few who are actually doing anything productive, in the larger sense.

Yes, they may be flipping burgers to feed other people who are not doing anything productive in the larger sense, but performing repetitive task for ones keep, does not rise to the level of being productive in the larger sense.

This means they need to learn some lessons about what is really important in life, and nothing teaches harsh lessons better to lazy self centered sheep, than the Four Horsemen!

The Four Horsemen Have Left The Gate

That which is has tried, and tried again-
To send messengers to the human sheep their ways to mend-

Each and every time the messenger has stood alone-
Before the sheep murdered the messenger and partied on-

The jackal bend the herd animals ear to the alluring tune-
Of self gratification, perverted desires, written in Rune-

Of which the sheep can not understand the meaning of-
Herds of cowards, without honor, without truth, without true Love-

When they pray for deliverance from their magnitude of evil-
The ones sent to guide them to safety the sheep label as not “civil”.

The raw and bleeding truth is too much for faint hearts to see-
So they murder the messenger, then wonder why a savior was not sent to be-

The sacrificial lamb so they can party on without regret-
So they can in abandon eat their cake, but have it yet

Protected from the harsh winds of karma and evil birds come home to roost-
So without reservation, but sadly, the Four Horsemen were turned loose-

The ole dog!

John C Carleton

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