The Winds of March

The winds of March blew into him again the breath of life-
This world full of mountain tops and deepest valleys, filled with strife-

The lessons to be learned, new wonders to see-
As each new adventure in life is met with glee-

The ups and downs of fails, falls and wins-
Causes a new new man where there was an old, as nature blends-

Lessons from long ago along with the last one today-
Helps to keep the darkness of ignorance at bay-

As the winds of wars and peace blew him about-
He met it all head-on, a spirit stout-

In the knowledge of his ancestors before him who stood against the darkness blight-
Who helped the master to focus and reflect the Illumination of the Light-

He travels on down the road of life, this trickster game-
Contend to do his duty till ole friend death, again calls him by name.

The Ole Dog!