As Rest Of World Grounds 737 Max 8s, FAA Finds Itself Under Mounting Pressure-Zero Hedge.

FAA whored itself out to Boeing.

As a result, USA’s crumbling Empire, world boss in everything prestige, just took a major hit.

Not everyone, gets a front row seat in watching an Empire die.

Americans have a front row seat for this one.
They can use this to make America a better Land, or they can stick their heads in the sand.

John C Carleton

Adding an article which shows the corruption in the USA, and the loss of prestige the word of the USA has on other countries decisions.

This is more than just about one type of aircraft.
And if one crashes in the USA after all this, or even has an incident of trouble, Boing’s ass, the FAA’s ass, and Trump’s ass will all be grass, with the lawn mower approaching.

“FAA Rejects Canada’s Reason For Boeing 737 Ban As “Inconclusive”

‘Boeing CEO Asked Trump Not To Ground 737 Max 8 After Second Deadly Crash: Report’


“Germany Refuses To Take Black Boxes As FAA Rejects Canada’s Boeing 737 Ban As “Inconclusive”

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by Tyler Durden
Wed, 03/13/2019 – 11:57

Update (1:25 pm ET): Having already noted that the US has quietly pushed to be the nation that analyzes the black boxes from the Ethiopian Airlines crash, an Ethiopian Airlines spokesman said flight recorders from the jet will be sent to a European country for analysis because Ethiopia lacks the technology to examine them.

However, AP reports that a spokesman for Germany’s Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation is telling The Associated Press that the agency was asked by Ethiopian authorities to analyze the black boxes from Sunday’s plane crash but declined because it lacked the necessary software.

Spokesman Germout Freitag said Wednesday that he doesn’t know where the black boxes will be sent next.”

The Empire which claims to ruin the world, was forced, kicking and screaming, to follow the worlds lead.


Boeing Stock Tumbles As Trump Grounds 737 Max Planes

Zero Hedge.

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