America Needs Some Honest Men Who Dare Say What They Think, Not what they Think People Want Them To Think.-General George S Patton

Willy, waiting with Patton’s gear, shortly after Patton’s murder. Willy knew George was gone.

October 15, 1945, in a letter to his wife, Patton wrote:

“Ike is bitten with the presidential bug and is also yellow….He will never be president….I will resign when I have finished this job which will not later than Dec. 26.
I hate to do it but have been gagged all my life, and whether they are appreciated or not, America needs some honest men who dare say what they think, not what they think people want them to think.”

To retired Major general James Harbord, an old friend and advisor, he wrote:

“I think General Eisenhower is most pusillanimous in yielding to this outcry….It shall prove more conclusively that he lacks moral fortitude….It is interesting to note that everything for which I have been criticized in handling of Germans had been subsequently adopted: to wit-I stated that if we took all small nazis out of every job, chaos would result, Military Government the other day announced that from two to five percent of Nazis would be kept….When I finish this job….I shall resign, not retire, because if I retire I will have a gag in my mouth….I should not start a limited counter-attack….but should wait until I can Start an all out offensive.”

There is no doubt Patton was planning on returning to America, spilling the beans to the American people, of the treason of the USA, of both high ranking military officers, and civilian politicians, to include the communist FDR and Truman, had done against America and the American people.

If he had not been murdered in Germany, by the USA, and their buddies the Red Russian communist, the no combat pussy Ike, would have never been president, and perhaps America would not be the zionist/communist/fascist shit hole it is.

I call your attention to one detail.
Patton understood many Americans were sheep, unworthy of the title, American.

“whether they are appreciated or not, America needs some honest men who dare say what they think, not what they think people want them to think.”

One of the greatest Americans of their time, was murdered for standing up for the American sheep, and the sheep did not take notice or demand the guilty be brought to justice.
They elected one of the treasonous cowardly bastards as “president”.

i believe Jesus the Christ, and George Patton, had a long talk about the cowardliness, and evil of the collaborating sheep, they both tried to save from their selves.

But one can not surrender to evil.

The cowardly, ignorant, collaborating sheep will always be sheep.

The jackals will always be evil cowardly jackals.

The Lions, must always be Lions.

John C Carleton