Smart Attack!-YouTube.

Smart meters have caused house fires in the UK, Canada, all fifty states.

Sometimes people get out, and sometimes they die in the fires.

Add to that, it is all about spying on you, and it sends this information, by using cancer causing micro waves.

The government and utilities will tell you everything is all safe.

This is the government which said North Viet Nam’s gun boats attacked an USA ship, which has been proved to be a lie.

This is the government, which said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, to invade, slaughter, rob, and destroy the people and country, which has proved to be a lie

This is the same government, which used Desert Shield and Storm GIs, as lab rats, testing an unapproved, untested Anthrax vaccine, which was not entered into most medical record, which has disabled and killed thousands, if not tens of thousands.

Nearly forty years later, they are still lying about what they did.

So of course they would not lie to you!

John C Carleton

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