zionist Are Scared Little Rat Minions.

zionism, is a virus, which infects the innocent, as well as the willing evil scum sucking pedophile sons of bitches.

The zionist zombies, purposely infect the young with their lies, their evil false history, their greed and dishonesty.

If a Rabid Skunk, was walking around trying to infect your people, you would take a club and bash it’s head in, burn the carcass, so the virus would be destroyed.

So why does humanity lack the balls to do the same to a zionist zombie, trying to infect their people?

Because the leavings of the zionist virus retains the appearance of a human?

zionist Zombies, may look human, but there is no humanity left.

Pull your heads out of your ass, protect your land and people from this terminal to humanity zionist virus!

Grow a set!

John C Carleton

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