zionist Virus Eradication Program

In defense of Humanity, there Must Be, a zionist virus eradication program.

These things are never pleasant, the zionist zombies retain the outward appearance of a Human Being.

Makes doing what has to be done hard on some.

The virus seems to be spread with propaganda, indoctrination of innocent children with bull shit and lies.

This cycle must be broken.

Any caught, trying to infect the young with zionism, must pay the price, the same price required of a rabid skunk trying to spread the rabies virus.

Any showing signs of being infected, must be segregated from Humanity.

If the world don’t have the guts to put them out of their misery, then they MUST be segregated from Humanity, until they die.

One can no more allow them to run wild, infecting the innocent, than one can allow a rabid skunk to run around biting your children and family.

Lock them away until they die, sterilizing them so they can not reproduce and have innocent children to infect with their virus.

The chain of infection of the terminal to humanity, the soul, zionist virus which produces the goose stepping zionist zombies, must be broken to set humanity free.

Do it the easy way, or the hard way, that will be up to the infected.

The Ole Dog!

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