And Jesus the Christ said, Lets Start Some Unjustified Wars For the Economy, and To Make The Money Changers Richer!

Sound like Bull Shit?

It is Bull Shit.

Jesus the Christ came trying to get the Hebrews, not “jews”, to repent of their evil ways, get rid of the babylonian End Of Times Pedophilic Death Cult religion, return to the God of their fathers, stop doing evil.

So they murdered him, then the Roman pedophilic priest, wrote him into their Bull Shit crowd control cult religion.

Today in Jesus the Christ name, the same Jesus the Christ which drove the Usury money changers out of the temple, Usury wars are waged to subjugate humanity to the evil of zionism.

Jesus the Christ said, take care of the widow, the orphan, help each other, tell the truth, have some honor.

Pedophole ass holes, which Jesus the Christ said should have a heavy weight chained around their necks, and thrown in the deep end, bugger little children in JESUS’s name.

Pedophile Usury bankers, in JESUS’s name, steal the widows home with Usury.

Each zionist sees it as a badge of honor, the more lies they can tell, the more children they can rape, the more they can steal from their fellow humans.

If Jesus the Christ were to return, he would come with a whip and a machine gun!

Course these zionist pig fuckers, would call him Anti-Semitic, uncivilized, (like fucking children up the ass is civilized), rude, uncouth, a relic of the past.

They would call for his arrest and execution, in JESUS name of course.

Jesus the Christ is not coming back to save these pig fucker from their evil ways and the mess they have made of the world.

These kiddy fuckers, really-really are mistaken thinking they want to force Jesus the Christ to return.

The Ole Dog!

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