Zionism is a virus, much like the rabies virus.

Infection is terminal and irreversible.

When the victim is infected, the virus eats the humanity, the brain and soul, until all is left is the host to the virus, trying to spread the virus to all others around it before the host, which is no longer human, dies.

Democracy is the cry of the Zionist Zombie.
They gang up and descend on a country who’s loyalty is to their own people, not to the Zionist Zombie bankers.

They Kill for Jesus, rape for Jesus, until the people have “democracy”.

This means a zionist zombie is now placed in charge of the “peoples” government, which will steal the natural wealth of the country, give it to the zionist zombie bankers.

Now a former free people are now slaves to the zionist zombies.

This is zionist “democracy”.

Now these zionist zombies can look you right in the eye and tell you how wonderful for the former free peoples they now possess zionist “democracy”.

This is because, there is not a human brain left, just a worm eaten virus controlled hive mentality.

There is no soul, no honor, no truth, no humanity left.

If the world is to survive with humanity as a part of it, all out war will have to be waged against the virus, and all infected with it.

John C Carleton

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