America Is A Land Full Of Shit, The People ARE The Shit.

Nothing wrong with the land, it is the evil, sanctimonious, self righteous, holder than thou, baby buggering, me first, second and third, warmongering, zioinist infected zombies who are the problem!

But you say NO!

Aunt Fanny was the sweetest woman, helped everyone who needed it, give the shirt off her back to anyone.

Well, yes she was pure evil shit.
She supported all the evil of the USA, stood proudly, pledged allegiance to the blood soaked banner of the Pedophilic evil of DC’s illegal wars of Holocaust, rape, theft invasions, occupations of peoples who never attacked America.
She was pure hypocritical evil shit!

Met a zionist “christian”.
It was his opinion, when i stated all these damn wars were immoral and illegal,, he thought the wars had to continue for the sake of the economy!

How the fuck does one with even rudimentary understandings of Jesus the Christ, say that shit and still claim Christ as a guiding point in his life?

Cognitive Dissonance, is the only answer i have.

You want to save America?


So the Americam people, dancing in the streets, on the guts of the innocent Holocausted by DC, keeping the economy growing, can party on?

America was never one people, culture.
Theres plenty of guilt to go around.
But BEFORE any people, can try to find forgiveness for all the evil they and their ancestors are guilty of, you have to stop lying and indoctrinating your children to do evil for this or that god.

Then you damn well have to look inward, deep inward, admit to your evils.

Until American reach that point, they will remain evil shit slinging worthless waste of air they breath,

Until Americans face and admit to their evil, there is no hope for America.

It was a noble experiment which went horribly wrong.

John C Carleton

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