All Survivors of Semitic Palestinians, Holocausted By Israhell, Should Bring A Class Action Law Suit Against John Hagee and Corner Stone Ministries

He gets filthy rich, inciting violate and genocide against the Indigenous Semitic Palestinians in the Semitic Palestinians’s own Ancestral Home Land. He has, or did have a “charity”, which paid to plant trees in occupied Palestine, to cover the scars of the war crimes against the Palestinian peoples by the invading Russian Expats, and converted […]

The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.-(YouTube warning viewers they are about to be exposed to the truth!)

i am told you can see some pretty in-depth porn on YouTube. You can see actual killings of humans, those i have seen, got a guy sends me links sometimes. Like down in Columbia, guy had sex with a girl, recorded it, put it on the internet. Girls father was a cop, showed in real […]

2019 Is Here, And i Am Still Here.

Never expected to make it this far. i am one of those people, the sheep have always referred to as crazy. i do things, which the sheep say, you have to be crazy to do that. Driving real fast, riding motorcycles, breaking horses, jumping off the highest limb into the shallowest water, swimming a river […]