58,000 Non-Citizens Voted In Texas State Elections, 95,000 Registered According To Attorney General-Zero Hedge

Personally I live upon the face of the Land of the Sovereign Kingdom of Carleton, located within the boundaries of the occupied Republic of Texas.

I do not “vote” in their illusion of choice.

The bunch of Damn yankee, spawn of damn yankees, illegal aliens, scalawags, Russian Expats, zionist Israhell firsters, who are running the occupation forces of Texas in Austin, for the USA corporation, are not Texicans.

But all you who have not figured this out yet, still think you can “fix” the problem in Austin, HELLO HOUSTON, Ya have a hell of a problem.

I figure half them Mexico gentuza voted in “Texas” elections, voted in San Antonio.

The habitual liars, mayor Pendejoberb and his merry band of hairless chihuahuas on “city Council”, stealing and destroying Confederate monuments, and in collusion with the spawn of the damn yankees pedophile BadBush clan, “Texas Land Commissioner” in Austin, to deface and move the memorial to the Men died in the Alamo,move it so they, in my opinion, Pendejoberg and the hairless mutts can take bribes to sell or lease the land where it sits now, and has from construction, to someone wants to build another Mexican restaurant, or put a convenience store there.

Them felony committing Mexico firster criminals, mayor Pendojoberg and the hairless little big mouthed dogs of San Antonio “city council”, unofficially, officially, declared San Antonio to be part of Mexico where Mexican citizens have no fear of facing any penalties for damn near anything they do.

The ole dog!


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