“If The Devil Isn’t After You Boy, He already Has You”

“If The Devil Isn’t After You Boy, He already Has You”.

i recall my father telling me that on more than once.
My father was a wise man.
Had lots of other sayings he taught me.

Remember him telling me once:
Now, them preachers who get up there telling you how terrible booze is, and then say, I have never taken a drink in my life!

Dad said:
“Now how they know its terrible, if they never tried it”.

But lets just run a hand along those words from my father about the devil and having you.

In other words, if you are not struggling daily with yourself, to learn more, become a better person, a better husband, wife, son, daughter, grandchild, minister, plumber, if you are not trying to change the evil you see in the world, and give your fellow man a hand, the devil already has your ass, so don’t worry about it.

On the other hand, if you give a shit, struggle daily to improve your self, you corner of the world, then there are going to be times you stumble, going to be times you fall.

If you are like me, going to be times when you hit the wall 90 mile an hour, and never hit the brakes fuck up!

But, it is getting back up again and again, dusting ones self off, washing the slime of the gutter off ones ass, learning the lesson, and seeking forgiveness, the place it matters most, ones own self, which grows character, teaches the lesson.

If one is truly sorry, and one has learned the lesson, there is no reason to repeat the behavior.

Have this older, (an i am no spring chicken), friend who is, well, he describes himself as eccentric.

Years back, wife asked him one time, if he had ever been married?

He replied:
Yeah, when I was young.

What Happened?

Got divorced.

Never got married again?

Nope, once you made a mistake, why you want to do it again?

So take heart in the daily battle with the evil of old, as each tries to vanquish that evil, hidden within ourselves, for if humanity did not give the evil a place to hide, evil could not exist around humanity.

Humanity, has proved it is in no damn hurry to obtain that goal of illumination of Being, Universally.

But each time any of us as an individual, learns a lesson from a screw up, no matter how small or large the lesson, humanity has taken one more baby step to wards that goal.


Baby steps are better than sitting on ones ass.

i will leave you with a bit of wisdom i used to give lazy Seabees who wanted to sit on their ass and lie to each other about their sexual mightiness, rather than clean up whatever it was at the time, i was telling them to clean up.

Ever now and then one would try the ole:
If we clean it up, it will just get dirty again!

Would tell em:
When you took a shit this morning, did you wipe your ass?

They looking confused:
Hell yes!

Why, the son of a bitch is just going to get dirty again, next time you take a shit!

Hang in there!

John C Carleton

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