‘IT The Israhell Pedophile Rromoting and Cheerleading zionist Hazbara Troll, Or, A new ode about a old diseased troll!

IT the Israhell Pedophile promoting and cheerleading zionist Hazbara troll-
Has dreams of being paid in coins which ring of gold-

Kjell Hasthi, formally of Mia the troll infamy-
Has failed as a Hazbara sock puppeteer just as dismally –

IT is plain inbreeding between buck toothed zionist Usury worshiping scum-
Is in fact, not only unhealthy, but also quite dumb-

This zionist virus of the moist areas, has become undone and anemic-
IT the Hazbara troll threatens to become a public health STD epidemic!

The Ole Dog!