A Few Points Which Real Americans Must Face, Then Use To Defeat America’s Enemies, Foreign, and Domestic!

First off, yes I am crazy.

See, I am the product of thousands of years of breeding, and I am not talking sheep.

Got some Lion in me.
Got some Eagle in me.
Got some Dragon in me.
Got the wolf in me.

The wolf is dominate in me.

My father could fork his tongue like a big Lizard.
Some of his grandkids can.

Sheep do not understand the ones who are the go doers of history, and the world.
Things the Lions, Eagles, Dragons, (or the Snake, or the Lizard, all are the same line), and Wolves do, the sheep do not understand, they say, they must be crazy to do those things!

So yeah, I am crazy, (SHEEP DEFINITION), but I ain’t nuts!

And what I will tell you here, is provable.
I am not given to lying.

In this list, I will not go in-depth on each topic.

There are enough posted pieces and links on this site alone to keep you busy for a year or two of reading.
If one is really looking, there is enough on each subject on the internet to keep several researchers busy for a lifetime.

I am also not politically correct, and don’t give a flying trapeze who’s ass I give the red ass, as long as it is the truth which caused them to get the Red Ass!

When I was younger, people tried to get me to act like a sheep, and I gave it half a try.

A top predator just can not act like a sheep!

The blood which flows in my veins, has the DNA, of Nebuchadnezzar II, Alexander The Great, Julius Caesar, Ragnar, Rollo, William the Bastard, Edward the 1st.
Two of my great-great grandfather types, a 3ed and a 4th g g grandfathers, were at Valley Forge with George Washington, who was the great nephew of my 6th Great grandmother Anne Washington.

On the other side of the fight, one of my Carleton cousins, Sir Guy Carleton, was for a while, British General Commanding.

So you see, I ain’t no sheep.

Next, I would rather not be taking point in this fight, but it is my duty.
One must do their duty, and honor their ancestors.

It is a poor man indeed, who has no idea who his ancestors were, does not honor them, so that they do not speak wisdom of past times to them.

Because of who my ancestors were, it is my duty, to stand up, take point, when frankly, i remember all to well what happened to Jesus the Christ for calling out evil corrupt government officials, Charlatan religious leaders, and the evil of the people as a whole.

That said, let me get to the meat.

USA/United States/United States/WASHINGTON DC, are all the same thing, and none of them are the same as America, the Land, or the Souls living on the face of the Land.
USA/WASHINGTON DC, is a foreign to America, for profit, sub corporation of the British Empire, having been incorporated under foreign British Empire law.

Remember the British, Americans ancestors fought to be free of?
Well, you are not free from them.
They are the Parent corporation, of the USA/WASHINGTON DC, sub corporation.

Washington DC/USA, in collaboration, with the illegal state of Israhell, the private retreat of the RothsRats, stolen from the Semitic Palestinians, by people who’s ancestors were never in the middle east, did attack America, 11 September 2001, murdering way over 3,000 souls, using their own attacks on America, to lie, start wars which make pedophile Usury bankers richer, Americans poorer, less free, their children sent to do murder in war crimes, and die, for wars which in no way benefit America or Americans, but the Ratschilds and the Rats private domain of Israhell, (occupied Palestine).

Thats all the way from the Presidents, (all of the ones from that time on, Know Israhell and Washington attacked America), through every alphabet agency, both houses of congress, the not Supreme Court, the at that time, Mayor of New York, who attacked America, either actively supporting, or passively, lying/hiding the truth.

There is no good party or side to Washington DC, or the USA, which are in fact, the same baby fucking bunch.

Washington DC/USA, has declared war on the Washington Family.

USA/Washington DC, assassinated the Last Washington to own and live at Mount Vernon, the Great Grand Nephew of George Washington, who was carrying one of Georges sword in defense off his Home State, the recognized head of the Washington Family, from concealment, 11 September, 1861, in Virginia.
Lt.Col John Washington, Aid de Camp, cousin and tent mate, of General Robert E Lee.

21 December, 1945, the USA/Washington DC, did in collaboration with the evil of Russian Red Bolshevik communism, murder the 1st cousin of George Washington, American General George S Patton, because he refused to sell America out to Foreign banking interest, and Red Bolshevik communism.

The simply is way too much evidence which proves this to be contested any longer.

The current constitution made Americans slaves to Washington DC, which remember, is a sub corporation of the evil of the British Empire.

Americans fought the British for freedom, won their freedom.

Evil Empire builders, elites, usury bankers, shyster lawyers, control freaks, forced the current constitution on a free people who did not want it, had no vote to prove or disprove it, making them slaves once more.

Patrick Henry, American patriot, revolutionary signer of the declaration of Independence, when asked why he would have nothing to do with the “constitutional process”, said, “Because I smell a Rat!”.

What little guarantees of rights and protections of individuals, sovereignty of the individual States, which were in the constitution, was shit on openly in 1861.
The USA has never apologized, or admitted any wrong in the war crime of invading a foreign Nation, the Confederacy, gang raping black women to death, gang raping and murdering children, gang raping Southern Ministers daughters, because their fathers dared to pray for General Robert E Lee publicly.

No apology for burning whole cities filled with civilians, or for stealing everything not tied down or they could pry loose.
It was usual procedure for the yankees to dig up fresh graves looking for loot to steal, throw the corpses on the ground, leave them to the wild animals.

No apology, or even admitting guilt for purposely starving to death tens of thousands of Southern children, non combatants.

No admitting guilt of Holocausting at least a half million Southerners, then occupying them militarily for 153 years and counting.

These kiddy fuckers are still, lying about why they did these war crimes.

The Official USA history of these USA war crimes, and all the movies Holly Whore has and does make on the subject, all should Start with, Once upon a time in a land far-far away, and end with, and they all lived happily forever after.

Like all the other kiddy fairy tales.

The Federal Reserve Bank, is not federal, has no reserves, and is not a bank.

It is a Usury scam, which has stolen the labor of toiling Americans, and the wealth of the Land, which should have been used to grow the country.

The RothsRats have that stolen wealth.

Americans have the right to recover their stolen labor, and the wealth of the land.

And to punish the guilty.

Money is gold and silver, or paper bills backed by gold and silver.

“Federal Reserve Notes” are parer and ink, or decimal points on a computer screen, Fiat Currency, not Money.

Both “World Wars”, did not need to happen, but were planned and started, by the Rothsrats. pedophile usury bankers.

Neither war concerned the American souls or American homeland.

Both times, USA/Washington DC, made damn sure a foreign power, killed some Americans, so they would get mad, go to war for the Rats.

WW1, Woodrow Wilson, who the Usury bankers owned, conspired with Britain, to get a ship with some Americans on it, which was also illegally transporting war materials, from the USA, which had declared neutrality, which made providing the war materials to Britain, an international war crime, making it a legal target of the German U boats to sink.

The Germans took out full page ads in USA newspapers, warning American the ship was carrying illegal munitions, was a target, not to sail on her.

Washington DC, assured the Americans it was safe to sail on her.

The British Admiralty, had the ship sail off the coast of Ireland, pulled her British Navy escorts off her, left her sitting there like a duck to be plucked!

Germany sunk her, some American lives were lost.

USA/Washington DC, then, having arranged the American deaths, exploited those deaths to drag America into a European Bankers War, which benefited the RothsRats.

Britain promised the zionist, for dragging America in, saving Britons butt, which was about to be forced to accept the honorable terms the winning Germans had been offering, Palestine.

It did not bother Britain, Palestine belonged to the Palestinians, if giving it to the zionist, so Britains butt got saved from defeat, which it did.
The Balfour declaration finalizing the trade, was addressed to the head RatsChild of that time.

The British empire did not deliver on that promise until 1946.

FDR, who was a communist, loved the mass murdering Stalin, called him Uncle Joe, wanted to get America into the war against Germany, a thing the American people said not no, but, Hell No to!

A generation before, American’s had their husband, fathers, sons,. brothers, slaughtered in the bankers war of WW1.
Many came home, broken in body and mind, from the horrors.
My maternal Grandfather was in France, and I believe it made his life short, even though he made it back.

So the Communist, Usury zionist banker loving, and American hating FDR, set about starting a war with Japan, as Japan had a mutual defense treaty with Germany, so FDR could drag America into the European Usury Bankers Preplanned WORLD WAR 2, through the back door.

He forced Japan into a corner, which left them the choice of kissing FDR’s ass, or attacking, so they attacked.

And FDR knew the attack was coming.

That evidence is also now available.

USA, kept the Korea’s from uniting, being their own country, which led to the Korean war.
USA sent out death squads to murder Koreans who were fighting politically for an independent and unified Korea.

North Korea did not attack America.
North Korea attacked South Korea, and the USA jumped into the war.

USA kept Viet Nam, North and South, from having the elections, after freedom from French colonel status, which would have united the country, thus leading to another civil war in another Asian country, which would not have happened, with out the guiding hand of sold out USA politicians, and Usury Rat bankers.

And USA lied about the North Viet Nam “gunboats”, attacking an USA ship, which had no business harassing the North Vietnamese people in their Own damn waters anyway, to get all the way into another usury Bankers war.

USA lied and finagled to get into Desert Shield, Gulf War One.




Here is one which many will have to think of for a while.

Americans have been indoctrinated, to think of America as an Empire, the States as the property of Washington DC/USA.

The States are occupied by force and deceit, by the evil baby fuckers in WASHINGTON DC.
The States, were supposed to be sovereign, and tell Washington DC. what to do, not the other way around.

The men, who fought and died, defending the South from the evil of the invading, Holocausting yankee zionist sons of bitching motherfuckers, did so in defense of their homes, their families, their States, not a central organization called the Confederacy.

Those Americans who want to free America, from the evil of the pedophile scum sucking Ratschild ass kissers of WASHINGTON DC, must understand, if the States are freed from the yoke of Federal slavery, which they were born to, then the States must be allowed to be Sovereign.

This means, if Southern California, wants to be Mexico, God Bless em!
Northern California been wanting to secede from Southern California long as I remember.
Let em work it out.
You live in another State, worry about your own State, don’t act like a yankee zionist control freak.

If New York WANTS TO BE a pedophile banker ass kissing shit hole, so be it.

If Texas wants to be the Republic of Texas again, as it is in fact, (occupied for 153 years and counting, by the baby fuckers of WASHINGTON DC), then it is the right of the real Republic of Texas souls, to make that happen.

In order for Americans to be free, their States to be free and sovereign, Americans must get the trappings and beliefs of empire, out of their heads.

Americans have been born, grown up being taught Empire is the ONLY way, the only answer.

Got to get that slave making shit out of their heads.

Empires make slaves.

Free men, destroy empires.

Americans MUST, unite as Americans, against Washington DC.

Washington DC, has for generations, caused the different shades of tan and brown people, to be divided against each other.

While claiming they are trying to bring the people together, WASHINGTON DC, has made damn sure, racism is alive and well in America, because if Americans ever sat down started talking, comparing notes, the baby fuckers in Washington DC, would be decorating the street lamps along Pennsylvania Ave.

The now dead serial baby fucker, Papa CIA BadBush, said:
“If the American people knew what we have done, they would chase us down the street and hang us!”.

If Americans can quite arguing because of the color of their skins, the pedophile sold out whores of WASHINGTON DC’s skins, will be swinging in the wind.

Then Americans, will be free.

Not talking Mexicans who want to make the North American States, part of the failed Mexican State.
Want to be a fucking Mexican, go back to Mexico.

Want to be a Russian, go back to the waiting embrace of mother Russia, get the fuck out of America.

Want to be a damn Britt, get your ham strung ass back the that little island off the coast of France.

Want to be an African, get your ass to Africa.

Want to be an American?
Start by being loyal to her!

That means, ALL REAL AMERICANS, must allow each American to be an individual, free to pursue their lives as they see fit, as long as doing so, does not harm another, or the earth.

Israhell, (the Ratschilds Rat Land), must be destroyed.
Not the Land.
The Land belongs to the Semitic Palestinians.

The Russian Expat converts, and European converts, to the evil of the Babylonian End of Times Death Cult, must be slaughtered.

Just as the mother fuckers are slaughtering Americans, destroying the American dream, using the sold out whores of WASHINGTON DC, and Washington DC itself, to kill the American dream, leave America a slave plantation, run by Rats, for the benefit of Rats.

If they do not want to pay for the attacks they have done on America, then let em run back to the damn Steppes of Russia, from where their ancestors came.

Understand, a zionist is a zionist, no matter what color, or branch of the evil cult religion they claim. Islamic zionist, christian zionist, Non Semitic Khazarian zionist, don’t make a damn bit of difference to me.

I want America free.

For that to happen, zionist must fear for their lives.
They understand nothing else.
Either they are on top, or America is on top.

They will allow nothing in between.

If Americans allow the zionist to be on top, their dick will be up your ass, and their hand in your wallet.

They understand nothing else.

Are you an American, or a pedophile baby fucking control freak son of a bitching zionist pig fucker?

If you are, best get the hell out of America.

Now, I did not start out to have ten points.
There are more points which I could keep listing, sub points of points already touched upon,. but the basics must be learned before the complicated, the advanced is tried.

Best to learn to ride a bicycle proficiently, before you buy and climb on that overpowered crotch rocket motorcycle!

John C Carleton

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