i personally, was thinking more like hanging.
But thats the American influence on me.

Part French.
Guillotine with a dull blade?

Some of my ancestors, used to have folks pissed them off big time, drawn and quartered, including doing it to another of my ancestors.

Now i am a straight line Y DNA Viking, America Via- England Via- Normandy- Via Denmark.
They got this thing where they cut the ribs, pull someone pissed em off’s lungs out like little angel wings.
Called the Blood Eagle.
While they are still alive of course.

But then, if there were any justice in Rat Land, Nitwityahoo would be dropped butt ass naked, middle of Gaza, middle of the night.
Pay per view, cameras everywhere, some implanted in his back and skull,
Maybe one sticking out of his nasty ass!

See if he could make it back to Rat Land proper, before dawn.

And thats being kind and compassionate!

John C Carleton

Is it in Netanyahu’s interest to indict him before the General Election?

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