Gold and Silver Have I None, But What I Have, I Give To Thee

One day the head criminal from the Not federal, No reserve(s), and Not a Bank, was getting out of his limousine, to have a thousand dollar lunch, washed down by a two thousand dollar bottle of wine.

A war veteran, dejected, dirty, homeless, shit on by USA/WASHINGTON DC, asked meekly, could you spare some change for a hungry man sir?

The Not fed pedophile Usury banker, looked at the dejected fellow with distaste, but there were some people watching, so he did not want them to see what a real ass hole he was.

SO he proclaimed loudly:

Silver and gold have I none, but what I have, I give to thee!
Heres some inked paper.

He reached in his wallet, making sure to go through the stack of One hundred dollar bills, and find a one dollar bill, and handed to the Veteran.

As he was feasting, he was trying to figure out how to force the American taxpayer fools to repay him that dollar along with the lunch tab!

John C Carleton