There Is No Growth Without Pain, No compassion Without Sorrow

All you out there trying to start wars, bring about some zionist nightmare of End of Times Terror, so you get to live in a “utopia”, forget it, that is a privilege which must be earned, and you have not even come close.

You have the wrong life, wrong world.

This world is a school for the soul, our eternal energy, our immortal spark, whatever term or name makes you happy.

This world is a world of pain, heartache, betrayal, disappointment.

If you are here on this rock, you are just happy as you can be, you are doing everything all wrong, and you are not growing spiritually.

As we used to tell the junior grade bees in the Sea Bees, no pain, no gain!

Any happiness you can wring out of a life of lessons in this school of Earth and Humanity, you have my blessings.
Because real happiness here, is rare and fleeting.

As a warrior, I wish for the end of wars, but I know that is a pipe dream on this earth, the wish of the warrior to not have to slaughter his fellow man again, but not realistic.

The names change, the flags change, the faces change, the weapons change, the centuries change, but the killing, the fighting, the dying, remains, because humanity, refuses to grow!

Pain avoidance which generates far much more killing, dying, sorrow and pain.


Get it over with, then grow!

John C Carleton

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