‘Jewish state’ will soon cease to exist, Israelis may flee to West: Zionist historian-Press TV

Let em run back to their Ancestral Home Land of the Steppes of Russia.

Got too many of the treasonous to America Sons of Bitches in America already.

Had a Russian Expat descendant, “Southern Patriot”, officer in Both the Military Order of Stars and Bars, and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, try to blame America for Israhell murdering those sailors and marines on the USS Liberty, an unarmed US Intelligence ship, in international waters, in 1967.

He flat denied the easy to prove facts of the prevalence of institutionalized pedophilia, Usury, using “goy” as cattle, calling all but cult members cattle without souls, to be used anyway the cult member fells like, with no sin involved.

John C Carleton


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