The Evil Rat

The Evil Rat(schild)’ The Rat is an evil beady eyed vermin, spreading starvation and disease- Without laboring, doing any damn thing they please- Their evil against humanity knows no boundaries or line- Spreading a virus which eats away humanities mind- Gang raping children pedophile scum degenerates who scream- Of their Rat insanity of a Greater […]

UK-Made Arms Discovered by Syrian Army from White Helmets’ Positions in Southern Syria-Fars News

Once could be an accident. Twice is suspicious. Time after time is proof of evil participation in the invasion and slaughter of the Syrian people. French Arms, Israhell arms, USA arms. Time for Fair Common Law War Crime Trials, followed by Fair Hangings! Get er Done! John C Carleton

Richard Dearlove Helped Blair Kill Millions. The Security Services are a Danger to Our State and Society-Information Clearing House

The people who lied, to start and keep going, the Iraq, Yemen, Syrian wars, need to be given Fair Common Law Trials, Fair Hangings. They are the same people who attacked America in New York, 11 September, 2001. And not talking Bin Laden and some stone age fighters hiding out in caves in Afghanistan. Saudis […]

‘Israel has never been so divisive in modern political history’ — anti-BDS bill fails again in Senate-Mondoweiss

The day Americans are forced to face the truth, Israel did the cowardly attack on New York, 11 September, 2001, so that their sons and daughters murdered innocent people for Israhell, bled died for Israhell, came back screwed up for life, from having to murder innocent children for Israhell, is the day they demand Israhell […]