Karl Marx and the Great Socialist Revival

Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez captured a seat in the new Congress and is calling for confiscatory tax rates at the same time Democratic Socialist candidates are thriving in many areas of the nation. The Washington Post reported in July that it’s “been a good summer for the Democratic Socialists of America,” who have “never had more […]

Another vaccine cover-up revealed: Sharyl Attkisson drops bombshell on “Full Measure” broadcast – see banned video here-Natural News

The Amish, who don’t vaccinate, are healthier than vaccinated kids, and the occurrence of Autism in Amish Children, is almost unheard of. Washington DC is a whore, which sells all Americans for cash, too the highest bidder. If someone in DC told the truth, the whole din of iniquity would problem Burst into flames. Don’t […]