More Reckless Behavior by Israel: Netanyahu Plays by His Own Rules-Strategic Culture

I am against using Nukes on the RatsChild Crime Cabal holed up in Occupied Palestine.

The Land must be returned to the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian people.
Can not do that if you nuke the baby raping Rat bastards minions.

Conventional bombs and missiles will do just fine.

After all, it is a tiny place surrounded by desert.

Where they going to run?
Into the desert?
Into the countries where they have been murdering the people for generations?

I personally think, Nitwityahoo should be stripped naked, dropped after dark in the middle of the Gaza extermination camp.

See if he can make it out by daylight.

Televise his attempt.

If he don’t just sit down and cry like the little bully bitch he is.

John C Carleton

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