All Survivors of Semitic Palestinians, Holocausted By Israhell, Should Bring A Class Action Law Suit Against John Hagee and Corner Stone Ministries

He gets filthy rich, inciting violate and genocide against the Indigenous Semitic Palestinians in the Semitic Palestinians’s own Ancestral Home Land.

He has, or did have a “charity”, which paid to plant trees in occupied Palestine, to cover the scars of the war crimes against the Palestinian peoples by the invading Russian Expats, and converted Europeans.

Called Beautify Israel or some such zionist double speak.

The fat obese pig is treasonous to America, as he indoctrinates sheep, “God”, wants then to be not first loyal to America, their home land, the mother of their youth, which supped them with her plenty, but to a foreign crime cabal, Rat Land, holed up in occupied Palestine.

Anyway, as he encourages the Israhell minions to continue to mass murder the Indigenous Semitic Palestinians, in their own Ancestral Home Land, the survivors of all Holocausted Palestinians, need to bring a class action Law Suit, in USA court, as well as at the ICC, suing the zionist dog shit out of him and his terrorist zionist zombie hate spewing cult followers, and organization.

Get hold of a membership roll.
Include ever individual who is a member of the church.

Strip the obese pig jowled, church secretary humping, snake oil salesman of ever stolen cent, and all shekels paid for services rendered.

He is a terrorist.
His flock are terrorist.
They help finance, give public and political cover to Israhell as the invaders continue to rape/murder the Semitic Palestinian children, slaughter their families, steal their lands, water and oil.

Not to mention their future.

An idea who’s time has come!

Get er Done!

John C Carleton

Little tune i wrote about the swine.

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