Did You Ever Try To Rope A Duck?

Not as easy as one would think!

Got presented with two newly hatched baby ducks i did not want.

One did not make it, one did.

Only duck on the place, decided to put him in the chicken house with the chickens.
My chickens are free range chickens, except not in my back yard.
For years nothing could grow in the back yard, as the chickens would eat the young vegetation down to the roots and kill it.
Got tired of that, took some Red Top cattle fencing wire used i had, built a walkway tunnel, they come out of the chicken house, go through the walkway, into the goat pasture, and from there through a chicken hole in the goat resistant fence, the back of the place, which i keep in natural state vegetation, along with some trees, which is the domain of the turkeys.

Anyway, this duck, turned out to be a drake, and since there were no female ducks around, he started waylaying my chickens, raping the chickens, in a most fowl way!

So i banished him to the back with the turkeys.
(i don’t know if he has tried to rape the turkey hens)
He keeps coming through the chicken hole in the turkey fence, trying to work back to the chicken house, cause there he can get the hens cornered, and have his way.

As he gets pretty rough and long winded with them, not the wham bam thank you ma’am rooster to chicken sex, apparently ducks are long winded.

Besides being a fowl act, this distresses my egg layers.

So each time he tries to figure out reentering the fence before the tunnel, i shoo him back, corner him carry him to the back once again.

The other day, i had to rope a goat, had the rope in my hand, about the time he was heading for the lest leg, and it accrued to me, i had never tried to rope a duck!

Now, i have roped horses, cattle, pigs, (hard to keep em roped, they just slip out of it), dogs, goats, sheep, and a girl here and there when i was younger an, well, we won’t go there!

But never a duck!

So i unlimbered the lasso and proceeded to try.

For a waddling duck, he sure could bob that head back and forth!
Stick his head through that 4 inch by 4 inch cattle panel, so i could not get the noose around his weaving neck.

In the end, i did got him roped, was not my most graceful capture with the lasso.
i also discovered the noose just would not close tight enough to keep his scrawny neck inside the noose anyway.

Going to try a smaller diameter rope next time.

Now if anyone ever asked me if i ever roped a duck, i can say, Hell Yes!

Kind of like when a daughter was not paying attention the other day.
Kid picked up a fresh goat poo pellet, and eats it.
His mother comes rushing by, carrying him, he has a brown smear on his face.

She says excitably, he ate some goat shit and i have to brush his teeth!

As she rushed by i told her:
It’s organic.

When she came back out with the kid, i told her.
Well, when he grows up, someone ask him if he ever ate goat shit, he can say, Hell Yes.

Sometime, theres things just need to be done, and it never hurts to have the bragging rights comes with those things!

The Ole Dog!

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