2019 Is Here, And i Am Still Here.

Never expected to make it this far.

i am one of those people, the sheep have always referred to as crazy.

i do things, which the sheep say, you have to be crazy to do that.

Driving real fast, riding motorcycles, breaking horses, jumping off the highest limb into the shallowest water, swimming a river in flood.

If you are not going to live, just exist, you may keep breathing till you are very old.

Don’t see why you would want to exist all them years without living, but then, i am not a sheep, don’t think like one.

Never expected to still be here in this life, at this age.

Wife and i were driving the other day, cold, saw a bald man walking with no cap or hat.

Wife said, “Arn’t you glad you never went bald?”

Replied, if i had, my head would look like a road map of Texas.
She knew what i was talking about.
She helped bandage some of them.

Scars on my frontside from the tips of both big toes, to the top of my head, extending out each limb, to feet and hands, scars.

Heard people say, he lives a charmed life?

Well, i have.

In the game of reincarnation, the bill for what you have done in this and previous lives, is not wiped out by murdering some revolutionary truth teller, then saying he died to pay for all your evil shit you do.

You,, and you alone, will pay for your past.

i was born with a duty to do, many lessons to learn, which i had been fighting learning in past lives, and to pay for some of the bills due i in other lives had run up, but put off paying.

i was allowed to beat the hell out of myself, break things, cut things, burn things, rip things, take out more than one windshield with my head, slid down the asphalt when the only thing saved my left leg was the jug on the Air Head BMW motorcycle which allowed it to slide off me without pinning me under,, took down two hundred feet of barbed wire fence, and cedar post at 75 MPH on a motorcycle, head on car crash, no seat belt, a war.

i should be dead!!

But it was not my time, i had a duty to do, bills to pay, and i was not going to be allowed to put this shit off again by getting my ass killed acting like i could not die, because i could not!

Not yet.

But since i am still here, there are a few things need to be addressed about 2019.

The degenerate Teat hangers, the American sheep keep voting for in rigged elections, rape children, sometimes murder and even eat those children in rituals which the sheep call Satanic Rituals.
But the sheep keep voting for them.

These baby raping sons of bitches, take bribes, commit treason against America/American souls, every fucking day.

Every damn day these ass holes, sell America and Americans out to the highest bidder.

The highest bidder for generations, have been the Rat Pack.

Otherwise know as the RothsRats, Ratschilds, or if you are a politically correct sheep which sells their lambs to be raped/used as cannon fodder in Rat Banker wars, which do not benefit America or Americans, for a cold six pack and a warm piece of ass, then the Rothschild pack of Rats.

2019 is the year, Americans find their balls, or go ahead and help the Rats finish off the dream which was America.

When 2020 rolls around, if the baby rapers in DC have not murdered me for speaking the truth of their evil and crimes against Americans and America, i hope to see a people who have at least started the fight to take back their own damn Home Land, from the baby raping Rats and the baby raping jackals, who took the thirty silver shekels, to help murder the American dream of a good land, blessed with freedom.

When 2020 rolls around, if the American sheep, are still sheep, selling out their own damn home land and prodigy to evil for scraps from the stolen largess on the public teat table of WASHINGTON DC, i’d just as soon be dead.

i don’t want to watch, be associated with such cowards.

Now, unlike the sheep, i understand the reality of reincarnation.

This is the fourth life i have devoted to America.

Fought her wars, every damn life.

Last two lives, i was murdered by the baby raping Rat ass kissers from Washington DC, for standing up for America/Americans.

The mentally challenged cowardly fucking sheep did not say a damn word, or care.

So, if the damn American sheep are not going to become more than corrupt, baby raping supporters, cheerleaders of the mass murders carried out by Washington DC, one after the other, i would just as soon have WASHINGTON DC/USA, go ahead and murder my ass once more.

That way i can have a good long rest before i reincarnate.

i am thinking perhaps Brazil.

Pretty country, the women are damn good looking, and maybe the men still have some balls!

There was a time, i gave up on Rome.
Thats how i ended up running around France and England

With some Viking time fighting the evil of the Church of Rome in-between.

There was a time, i gave up on England/France.
Thats how i got to America.

We shall see if i am a North American, or a South American next life.

Depends on the North American sheep.

John C Carleton.

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