George Washington said: “Have No Foreign Entanglements”

That simply means, ole George warned the American folks, if they wanted to stay out of other folks wars, have nothing to do with America, or the folks living on the face of the land of north America, stay the hell away from mutual defense pacts or “treaties.

Now a word about ole George.
He was a hell of a leader, had big balls of fiery blazing steel.

Without him, you would still be kissing that fake queens ass, the old German illegal alien, squatting in the English people’s palace, Buckingham, on Public Assistance.

But George was a war time hero, and a peace time fuck up.

He did not hang Alexander Hamilton, who badly needed hanging!

Aron Burr, Vice President had to shoot Hamilton’s ass some years later.

He backed the replacement constitution, which made slaves again, of free Americans.
This time not to the British Empire, but the USA Empire.

And last but not least, he sent an army, to force Pennsylvania farmers, to pay an arbitrary tax.

This is very simple, they just do not teach this in USA History.
These farmers, many veterans of the fight against the British Empire, were told they were fighting for freedom, to include the right, not to be forced to pay arbitrary taxes to a central government, which would kidnap you, or murder you if you did not pay that arbitrary tax.

Yet after the war was over, a group of Empire builders, usury bankers, self serving elite, lawyers, forced on the men, who fought the war, a document they had not say in, had no vote against, which stole their freedom, and once again made them salves.
USA prime Usury slaves to Washington DC/USA!

And George was with them, he even signed the document.

When George sent an army, to force freemen, back into slavery, there was no more freedom anywhere in America, Washington DC/USA’s influence or armed leg breakers can hunt you down.

He is to be honored for his contribution during the war, but shamed for his conduct after the war.

But he said one thing, which if America had taken it to heart, this one thing, and even if Americans were still slaves, they would be slaves with a hell of lot more privileges, and damn sight better standard of living.

“Have no Foreign Entanglements!”

Not the first war the usury bankers forced on America, but World War One had nothing to do with America.

Usury international pedophile bankers, put Wilson in office, and he paid em back with the signing the Not federal, No reserve(s), and Not a bank, into “law”.

Next, he paid them back again, with the wealth and blood, of Americans, who did not want to get into Europes endless banker wars.

The USA, conspired with the British Empire, to ship war materials, to the British Empire, on the Lusitania, a British Empire flagged passenger ship.

The USA was claiming neutrality, and as such, should not have been supplying war materials to either side.

Second, they should not have been illegally loaded on a passenger ship.

Germany took out full page ads, in several prominent USA newspapers, telling Americans the Lusitania was carrying war munitions, as such it was a legitimate war target, no to sail on her.

The USA, Washington DC, told the people not to pay any attention to the German ads, they were perfectly safe.

The British War Admiralty, Winston Churchill, a bought and paid for International banker stooge, directed the Lusitania be taken into Irish waters, where German U boats were known to be operating.

Not being good enough target, the British Naval ships protecting her, were pulled off.

So the Germans sank her, drowning some Americans.

USA used this to whip up the American people to go to war against a country which had not attacked America, had even taken great troubles and expense, to try to keep Americans safe.

These drowned Americans, are the ones the USA assured they they would be safe, when the USA knew they were using them as war bait.

Want to know who the good side was in WW 1?

The countries stayed out of it.

WW 2!

Same song, second verse, same as the first.

FDR wanted to use Americans as Cannon Fodder and War debt Usury slaves, for the benefit of his owners and friends, the pedophile Usury International bankers.

The American people remembered the American dead, the still living in horror and pain, crippled, blinded, veterans of WW 1, and they wanted no more of bankers wars in Europe.

So FDR backed Japan into a corner, forced them to either kiss his ass or attack.

So they attacked.

FDR used this, to go to war with Germany, a country which did not want war with America, while he threw the Pacific war, on the back burner to go save the British Empires butt for her pedophile Usury banker owners.

Got that?

Another false flag, causing yourself to be attacked, so you can get into a war, the country and people did not want, for the benefit of the pedophile usury International Bankers.

All the American dead, in WW 2, did not need to happen.
The good side, were the peoples and countries stayed out of it.

On that note, two more points need making.
The USA, conspiring with Britain and Communist Russia, did everything they could to stop General George S. Patton’s charge to wards the German Heart Land.

The USA/WASHINGTON DC feared him as much as they needed him.
He had not sold his soul, insisted on being considered first an American, and putting America first.

WASHINGTON DC/USA, has never put America first.
Washington DC stopped him when he would have, the germans will tell you, ended the war in Europe in 1944.

But Ike, who never led troops in combat, who was a sold out politician who sucked his way to those stars, at the behest pf WASHINGTON DC/USA, stopped him cold, diverted his supplies to the go very slow, get a lot of men killed, British “Field Marshal” Montgomery.
Montgomery’s Market Garden operation was a huge crashing failure.

WW 2 could have been done, at least six months sooner, if Patton had not been stoped by a “government” which sure as hell was not looking out for the best interest of all Americans who died in that additional time.

It should be noted, the battle in Europe, which cost more American lives than any other, was there Battle of the Bulge.
This battle would not have happened, the war in Europe would have been over, if Patton had not been stopped from ending the war in 1944.

It should also be noted, Germany stood a good chance of kicking the Allies back out of Europe, if Patton had not stopped one battle, done a forced march, in horrible weather, kicked the shit out of the Germans, saving the American troops and the brasses incompetent asses, once more.

Then Washington DC/USA, when they did not need him to kick ass and take names anymore, because he would not sell America out, told them he was going to resign his commission, return to America, go on speaking tour, write articles/books telling all the evil, corruption, collaboration with communism, of the Washington DC crowd, in collaboration with communist Russia, and imperialist Britain, murdered Patton.

A hell of a thank you for saving Their incompetent at war asses!

Secondly, about six months before the USA, the only country to ever use Atomic weapons, dropped two atomic bombs on japan, slaughtering hundreds of thousands of civilians, Japan had tried to surrender to the USA, their only stipulation, that the Japanese Emperor, stay on his throne.

USA flat turned them down, because they had to try these new bombs, show the rest of the world how powerful Washington DC was.

So all the Americans who died in that six months, did not have to die!

All that treasure spent, did not have to be spent, and the USA, did not have to drop the bombs!

Soon as they had tested them, the Japanese surrendered unconditionally, the USA left the Emperor on his throne.

All the wealth striped from it’s rightful mission, of growing America, making it a better place to live, raise a family, was wasted on bankers wars blood letting.

USA set the Korea war up.
Thats provable once you get out of the USA official Fairy Tale books, miscalled history books.

USA lied to get into the Viet Nam war.
None of Americas business.

USA lied, helped set up the first Gulf War.

USA lied, to start the second Gulf War.

America is in a hell of a shape today, and the collaborating with evil American sheep will have to eat both massive doses of Crow and Karma, but they will be a better people for having done it.

The first step, in returning the freedom to Americans, which George Washington helped to steal from Americans, is by following one of George Washington’s bits of real wisdom.

“Have no foreign Entanglements”.

America needs to get the USA troops, war machines, ships, home.
Stop fighting banker wars which not only do not benefit America, but drags her ever closer to total collapse and mayhem.

Then figure out what the hell Americans going to do, to fix this shit hole which was supposed to be the answer of humanities dreams of freedom.

Needs to happen soon, or the American Dream will die.

It’s on life support already.

John C Carleton