America is a Good Land, She Just Needs An Honorable, Truthful, Evil Hating People

She does not have a good people presently.

Either Americans are so ignorant they do not understand the ancient Natural Law, Universes Law, of do not unwarranted first harm, or they are so evil, they think fair play, not raping/murdering others for perverse pleasure or profit, is for losers.

Either way, the Universe will not long allow such evil to stand without ramifications.

American sheep have cheered the USA, as the USA, murdered millions, devastated countries/cultures which had in no way attacked, or even threatened to attack America.

In other words, American sheep love and cheer evil.

The USA, with the backing of the American sheep, have sown the seeds of death, starvation, rape, sorrow, anguish, heartbreak, grief all over the earth, for a couple of hundred years.

“Jesus the Christ, which the American sheep give lip service to, but do everything Jesus the Christ said not to do, said:
“Be not deceived, for God is not Mocked, for whatever man sows, such shall he also reap!”.

This was just a variation of the ancient and unbendable laws of Karma.

Every evil, man does, returns to that man.

Every evil a people does, returns to that people.

Every evil, a country does, will return to that country.

Not my law, not Jesus the Christ law, it is the Law of the Universe which predates humanity.

So all you American sheep cheering on pedophilia, invasions of innocent people, the Holocausting of innocent people, the evil which you have helped with your collaboration, your cheering on these crimes against nature/ humanity, the theft of others labor, goods, lands, waters, will all return home, like a stinking buzzard which has picked the bones of America’s innocent victims.

The same vulture will pick the bones of the American’s, when Universe says, it is time to pay the bill for your evil, it is time to eat that Karma which you have laid up on yourselves, and your prodigy.

i wonder if the evil Americans, will enjoy eating, what they forced millions of others to eat?

The Horsemen, will have plentiful pickings in America.

If there are any just or righteous in America, they would not fill the population out in a small town.

Enjoy your Karma meal.

It has a bitter taste of devastation and justice.

John C Carleton

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