The American Sheep

The American Sheep call me uncivil, nuts, crazy, they blame my views on the horrors of war and pain-
Say the boys all shook up in the head, he’ll never be the same again-

This is how they dismiss the truth it is my duty to speak-
So they can remain ignorant, subservient and quietly meek-

Were they to face the truth then they must make a stand-
Or hang their head in shame, admit they will not raise a hand-

In defense of their family, their country, their very home-
They will instead cower in the herd, in fear, never alone-

Scared to be ridiculed as not normal by the herd-
Frightened they might actually have to give honor to their word-

The American sheep are a very cowardly slow witted breed-
Their names will never be chiseled in a memorial, with brave men of deed!

The Ole Dog!

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