Most Americans Are Evil, Worthless, Cheerleaders For Usury and Pedophilia

The American sheep at every occasion say, “God Bless America!”.

First of all, which God are they Asking to “Bless America”?

Having grown up around zionist or evangelical Christians, i can tell you if Jesus the Christ Showed up teaching what he taught, if the good christians did not kill him themselves, they would report Jesus the Christ to Home Land Security, as a foreign terrorist!

There is a video making the rounds of Trump going to visit the USA War Criminals in Iraq, (TROOPS), which are occupying Iraq, a sovereign country, against the wishes of the Iraqi people.

All these good USA christians just pissing their pants with pride, that the head sock puppet of a foreign for profit, international war criminal corporation, again shit on the Sovereignty of Iraq, just damn well flew into their country without asking jack shit of anyone in the Iraqi government.

When i pointed out, the USA had told lies, they knew were lies, to the American people, in order to justify the war crimes of the invasion, holocausting of maybe a million Iraqis, were still there illegally, and Trump was breaking Iraq’s Laws by sneaking into their country illegally, i was attacked verbally, called every usual name one is who does not swallow the utter bull shit Washington DC/USA, feeds the collaborating American Sheep.

Trump wants to build a wall to keep Mexican illegal aliens out of the American States, for doing the same damn thing he just did.

Breaking the immigration laws of a sovereign country.

Any and all objections I may have had about the four horsemen having a free hand in America is gone.

The American sheep will serve evil, be worthless to America, until the evil, the weak, the immoral, have been weeded out, the remaining ones taught the lessons which always come with the death of an empire.

Americans will not be worth a shit, until the survivors have been tempered in the fires of poverty, hopelessness, sorrow, grief, starvation, destruction.

So back to which God the American Sheep, are requesting bless a people who cheer the outright rape/murder of innocent children.

A people who cheer when the USA military blows some goat herders to pieces with their extended families, at a funeral or a wedding, (or anywhere they can find a crowd of people to bomb).

Sure as hell not the God of Jesus the Christ who flat despised pedophiles, said to kill their asses, not vote for them and have a love fest with them.

Jesus the Christ despised Usury and evil bankers, but the USA sheep cheer them and fight unjust evil aggressive wars for the baby raping Usury bankers.

Jesus the Christ said, take care of the sick, help the widow, feed and care for the orphan, tell the truth, have some morals and honor, not bomb the hell out of em and rape their orphans that you made orphans.

About a month back, i had a conversation with an American who professed christianity.

i told him all these wars were based on lies, were unjust, illegal, they must be ended.
He replied he thought the wars had to continue, to keep the USA economy going.

So it is very obvious, the “God” the USA “christian” sheep are serving, and asking to bless the baby rapers who the sheep vote for, is NOT the GOD, of Jesus the Christ.

i feel the frustration Abraham felt, trying to find 10 just men in Sodom and Gomorrah, so it would not be destroyed.

i have come to the conclusion, there are NO just men, or women, in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.

Lot of baby raping/murdering, lying, Usury theft, stealing from the widow, making the poor more poor, evil self serving ass holes.

The American sheep fucking love the baby rapers in DC for their evil, and clamor for more!

Is that hoof beats i hear?

About Damn Time!

John C Carleton

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