It was Christmas day evening and all through the land-

It was Christmas day evening and all through the land-
Hung over “Santas” reached down and loosened their straining waist band-

The wife is snoring in the other room like a hog-
He prays for deliverance from the chainsaw sound of ripping through a log-

The unappreciative brats had gone through the massive present pile and looked for more-
So he had locked himself from where they pouted next door-

Now he just wanted the dull bass pounding in his head-
And the Usury credit card debt incurred put to bed-

Useless gifts no one would use or remember they got-
Cloths no one wanted, left in ample stocked closet to rot-

He wonders irritably why the tradition even started-
Other than the people with their coins parted-

There is no caring or love in the cold dreary air-
The seats of “government” the children raping jackal’s lair-

Wars rage in lands across the earth and over the seas-
Innocent humans mowed down like a lumber jack falls virgin trees-

Men with wealth, power and of public acclaim-
Rape and murder little children in their angry pedophilic gods name-

The teachings of Jesus the Christ lay forgotten in the dust heap of time-
While sheeply forms scream Holy-Holy-Holy to keep the children’s screams out of their mind-

Santa Claus is being water boarded in Cuba by the USA-
For violating USA no fly zones over other Sovereign Countries Airspace yesterday-

He looks at his country and life as again he starts to get lit-
He don’t see a a merry damn thing about any of it!

The Ole Dog!

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