Happy Winter Solstice Plus Four-Merry Christmas If You Prefer

The things the fundamentalist “christians” teach about Halloween, is partly true.

It is an old Nature worship, or honoring the life bringing sun, the earth, the seasons, day, to remember and honor past ancestors, to thank the sun and the earth, for the fall harvest which would keep them alive, until spring and the suns return to warmth.
It was celebrated as the Fall Harvest, or Fall Equinox.

It was believed by uneducated superstitious people, to be the day when the vail between the living and the dead was the thinnest.
In some cultures they would dress up as monsters, in the hope of frightening the evil spirits away.
Some cultures gave gifts to their ancestors.

So yes, Halloween is the ancient Fall Celebration Festival.

Then comes the Winter Solstice.
The Shortest day of winter, the darkest day of the year, with less sunlight than any other day of the year.

When the Church of Rome, decided to force their nightmare of an angry god on all humanity, there was resistance by the people to be ruled by such lies and superstitions, for the benefit of the wealth elite.

So the “church”, took the old Nature Holidays, and made them Christian holidays, and made the Winter Solstice celebration, the church celebration of Jesus the Christ birthday.
Although no one knows when his birthday was, but people who have studied it, are pretty sure it was no where around December.

Ancient peoples celebrated this day also, because it meant you had made it through the darkest day of the year, and in three months, the Spring Equinox would bring the time, when each day would grow longer, until fall.
Thus giving the warmth of life, to grow crops, to be able to work long hours without the energy draining cold.

Now Spring Equinox, could not be allowed to be celebrated by the church either, (contrasting rules and theologies), so the “church added about a week to it, and called the celebration Easter, the day Jesus the Christ was said to have come back to life, after being dead for three days.

The Summer Solstice has several religious holidays and observance to distract from it.
Sprinkled about it’s date, is Fathers Day, St. John the Baptist day, St. Peter’s Day.

So yes the Fundies are right.
All you “christians”, are celebrating “pagan” holidays.

One must remember, the “Christians” have murdered more people to force their religion on everyone else, than pagan’s ever did.

And the word pagan, was the word used on any people, who did not want to give up their honoring of Nature, and become slaves to the Church, for the benefit of little boy raping priest, and rich elites who needed “good christian soldiers”, for all the “churches” wars of conquest.

If Jesus the Christ showed up at a “christian” church, teaching what he really taught, them good christians, probably murder him all over again.

i honor who and what Jesus the Christ was, and is.
So if you want to have a merry Christmas, thats fine.

Just don’t forget about the homeless, the sick, the poor, the widow, the orphan.

And i don’t mean raping the orphan, stealing the widows home with Usury, turning your nose up at the poor, homeless and sick.

Christ said be good to each other.
Have truth, honor, integrity.
Leave the earth a better place than you found it.

To the rest of you, Happy Winter Solstice, plus four.
Four days closer to the Spring Equinox.

John C Carleton

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