The Syphilis Enigma (Medieval Disease Documentary) | Timeline-YouTube

Europeans were and are taught syphilis was brought back from the American Indians by Columbus’s sailors.

Course they are also taught Columbus was the first European to “discover” the “New World”
Artifacts and coins found in America prove that is pure de ole bull shit.

Syphilis has been found in the bones of Europeans in a Christian Monks abby in Holland 150 years before Columbus sailed for America.

It was found in the bones of Greek settlement dated 400 BC

It was found in the bones of the Romans.


The bastards are that wrong, or knowing the truth, that big of liars, what else are they wrong and lying about?

The Church of Rome, the Catholic Church, burned people at the stake, for saying the earth was not flat.

People need to stop listening to people who have been proved wrong for couple of thousand years at least.

John C Carleton

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