The Illegal German Alien Squatting In Buckingham, On Public Handouts, Is A Fake Monarch

An her son No Chin charlie is a pedophile!

Together they had Lady Di murdered.

Just to back up what is said on the documentary, here is a Story about King Richard the 3ed not being the right genes/DNA.
That can be traced to Edward the 4th, who was conceived of an affair by his mother, with an archer, while the prince, her husband, the alleged father of Edward the 4th, was out of the country fighting a war.

i don’t really care who sits on the throne of England, my ancestors had the good sense to get out of there, come to America in the 1600s and 1700s.

Except my fifth great grandfather William.
He got on the wrong side of the law in London, got his butt sent to Virginia as a slave.
So he really did not make the choice to leave, but what the heck, as long as he got here.
But he showed he had the balls to survive a very brutal life, so his prodigy could be Americans.
Proud of him for having what it took in a hard, bad situation.

i do care they used my cousin Lady Di to get the right blood in Williams veins, and then murdered her when she refused to back down from them.

John C Carleton

‘Richard III DNA tests uncover evidence of further royal scandal’

Britain’s Real Monarch

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