Texas Justice In A yankee Occupation Court.

When the so called “Reconstruction rape and theft of the Southern people at the hands of the war criminal yankee zionist puritan scum came official to an end, that did not mean the occupation or theft of the Southern people’s land and goods came to an end.

Texas, Republic of, is still occupied today, and yankee courts based on Corporate Law, Admiralty courts, the Law of the Sea, are used to persecute the Southern People, who are still occupied, militarily, under threat of violence , kidnapping or death.

Southerners growing up under the occupation, did not get near as good of an education as did their older siblings and parents.

My grandfather, born the year after the illegal war of invasion, rape, theft, murder, pedophilia, robbery, arson, starvation of mass civilians, often told my father he regretted the opportunity was not there for him to get a better education.
He came from educated people, and knew his education under yankee occupation was limited.

So the occupied South suffered educationally, people scratching out livings, trying to survive under the yankee boot.

Which brings me to this story of a Texas jury under yankee court occupation.

Seems there was this damn yankee, self righteous carpetbagger, living on stolen farm, was a typical yankee ass hole, which no one liked in the community.

Then there was this local young man, well liked, pitch in a hand for anyone in need, jovial.

Seems he was brought up on charges, accused of stealing a mule from the damn yankee carpetbagger, who probably stole the mule from some Southerner.

The prosecution presented their case, and the jury went to their room to discuss the verdict.

They came out.

Judge asked if they had reached a verdict?

They said they had.

Judge said what is it?

The foreman said, he is innocent, but he has to give the mule back.

The judge almost had a heart attack mixed with a stroke!

He told the jury, after he had calmed down a mite, they could not find him innocent, but say he had to give back the mule, so get their ignorant asses back there and come up with a different verdict!

They came back out.

judge asked if they had reached a new verdict?

They said yes.

judge asked them what it was?

The foreman replied:
He is innocent, and he can keep the mule.

John C Carleton

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