I’m Going To Shoot You Where You Shot Me!, Or, Family Planning, 1920s Texas Style!

My father was born in Gonzales, Texas, Republic of, occupied, shortly after the turn of the 20th Century.

Gonzales Texas was a rip roaring place during the late part of the 19th Century, and the early part of the 20th Century.
My father told me there was not many streets you could walk on, where someone was not gunned down or stabbed to death.

He passed this story to me.

in the 1920s, before social security numbers, Washington DC wanting to know everything about everyone, a person could get lost easily.

Just move where no one knew you, and if you felt like changing your name, no big deal, you could get lost.

Now in Gonzales Texas, there was a young man, got this red headed girl pregnant.

He ran off top San Antonio.

Today, about a hour and a half to two hour drive from San Antonio, will put you in Gonzales, now a sleepy little town.

But in the 1920s, it was an all day affair to get from one to the other.

So he went to San Antonio, left the girl pregnant, unmarried, to face society.

In those days, women have a kid without being married, she was marked for life as a loose women.
Not like now.

So she had the baby alone, faced a bunch self righteous people, as a marked women.

He, in San Antonio, got another young lady pregnant, but decided to marry this one.

He figured enough time had passed, took his pregnant wife to Gonzales to meet his family.

Red headed mother of his child, heard he was at his parents, with a pregnant wife, so she got a double barreled 12 gauge shot gun and went to see him.

My grandfather saw the whole thing, told my father who told me.

She walks up, he and his pregnant wife are on the front porch.

He thinking she was going to shoot his wife, stepped in front of his wife.

She said, “No, I don’t want her!
I am going to shoot you right where you shot me!

The red headed women he had wronged, shot him in the family jewels with one barrel.

My grandfather told me his dad had told him, he reached for the shotgun, and the women said, “No! There will be someone here to take it in a little while”.

She kept the shotgun.

The sheriff and the old doctor, who had killed more than one man in gunfights himself, came to take care off things.

Doctor examined the man on the front porch, bandaged him up and said.
“Well, he will be ok for home use, but he is not going to be the social peacock any more.”

The Sheriff took the shotgun and told the young lady, now you go on down to the jail, I will be there in a bit.

The doctor finished bandaging the mangled family jewels, then he and the sheriff walked down to the jail, where the doctor paid for the young lady’s bail.

And thats how things were done in Texas, Republic of, occupied, back before quite so many damned yankee carpetbaggers moved here and screwed things up.

Father did not tell how it turned out, but I imagine if she ever went to court on it, a jury could not be found who would convict her.

The people hold the power to make sensible decisions on charges, they just have forgotten that.

Just because a yankee court tries to charge someone with something which they really should not, don’t mean the people have to go along and railroad the person.

The people, can tell the court, hell no!

It is called jury nullification.

Time to run the occupying zionist yankee carpetbaggers out of Texas, Republic of.

Then it will not be occupied any longer.

John C Carleton

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