Vietnam War hero from Plano gets 7 years in prison for decades-old rifle purchase-USA NEWS

This is bull shit!

Been meaning to address this evil shit the USA did to an American soldier, as an old man.

His “crime”?

Owning a weapon, like the one the USA gave him to kill with in Viet Nam, a war which the USA lied to start.
USA lied to start the war, there were no North Vietnamese gun boats attacking the USA ship, it was a made up lie so the USA could murder 3 million South East Asia peoples for profit and political power.

Henry Kissenger is walking around being treated as something special, and his hand was in everyone of those there million deaths, murders.

But an average American, sent by Washington DC, to kill people who had done him or his country no wrong, goes to prison for owning the same damn type of weapon the USA issued him to kill people who had done him no wrong.

It is my belief, he did no crime by owning an inanimate object, with which he harmed no one, or no one else’s property.

But a lot of rich sons of bitching politicians and bankers did horrible crimes,

He goes to prison, they do not.

If the zionist son of a bitch, Greg Abbot, serving as occupation governor of the Occupied Republic of Texas, don’t see this man is set free, then Abbot is an cowardly evil son of a bitch, without a hair on his ass!

This man threatened no one, harmed no one with this weapon.

And the fucking USA, don’t have the right to tell a Texican, what he can and can not possess.

There is no salvaging the USA/Washington DC.

The occupied Republic of Texas is another matter!

Texas must secede!

And this man must be freed!

John C Carleton

Vietnam War hero from Plano gets 7 years in prison for decades-old rifle purchase

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