Texans Grovel At Israel’s Feet-Paul Craig Roberts

First, my mother was a true believer, die hard “christian” zionist.

i grew up with it.
i know my zionism.

“Jew”, is a relative resent as century’s go, slang term for one who practices or was born in to the Babylonian End of Times Death Cult, erroneously known as the Judaic Religion, as the late period Hebrews from Judea, practiced this cult religion.

This is the Cult Jesus was fighting, not the same God as Jesus’s God.

Jesus’s God was a thousand year old religion from the times of Kings David and Solomon.

This God was female, but could become male to reproduce.

This God did not like pedophiles, unlike the late period Hebrews Cult god.

“Jew” is a religion, just like Baptist, Methodist, Church of Christ.

The evil scum Holocausting the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian’s in the Palestinian’s Ancestral Home Land of occupied Palestine, are Russians.
Russian Expats.
Some still drawing Russian pensions.
Some who’s ancestors were run out of the Steppes of Russia over a thousand years back.
A mixed breed Turkmen/slavic never do well, evil, attacking everyone, practicing Usury, Babylonian Black Majic Rituals, in which young Goy Boys, are ritually gang raped and scarified to their angry war god.

Thats why my great-grandfather type, Edward the first, kicked em out of Merry Ole in 1290.
That and stealing the widows home withy usury.

That said, to the local problem:

In Texas, very high up in the zionist occupation “Texas”government”, the county judge in the county i live on the face of the Land in the imaginary lines, the mayor of the city, and surprisingly come to find out, the Southern Heritage Organizations are controlled by zionist, Russian Expat, at least some generations back, zionist ‘Jews”

This shit gotta stop in the Occupied Republic of Texas.

Secession, then clean Texas up of Mexico’s citizens, Russian Expats, and damn puritan yankee carpetbagger pedophilic zionist sons of bitches!

Get er Done!

John C Carleton

Texans Grovel At Israel’s Feet

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