As a Descendant of the Washingtons, Washington DC Disgust Me!

Below my short commentary on my ancestry, is a reply post, (they posted on my comment wanting to preach bad right, good left), i made to some one was trying to cuss the “right”, and push the “left”.

i am an American.

Am not French, although i am by blood, a good quarter Frenchman.
American Frenchman

Am proud of my Scots-Irish heritage.
American Scots Irish.

Am proud of my straight line Y DNA Viking blood!
American Viking.

i am proud of my ancestors, from different cultures, different backgrounds, sometimes fighting side by side, sometimes against each other, who hammered out kingdoms and empires, which cover a good part of the globe, from one time to another.

i am no less proud of my fifth great grandfather, William, who got on the wrong side of the law in merry ole London, got shipped to Virginia as a slave.

He had the balls, the guts, to survive what was a brutal life under slavery, so his prodigy would live on, so that i could be here today, an American proud to be an American.

i have a huge problem with the evil on the land, and the collaboration of much of the American sheep with that evil.

But the war between dark and Light, is older than mankind.

Proud American.
John C Carleton.

You seem to misunderstand me.

It is my belief, if one has gone to Washington DC, to work for WASHINGTON DC/USA, whether elected, appointed, career bureaucrat, whether Demophile, or Republiphile, what ever gender, shade of tan or color, then one is an War Criminal, an Enemy of America and Americans, and if not a pedophile themselves, a pedophile enabler.

All of em.

As a descendant of the Washingtons, it shames me the evil comes out of a city named for my ancestors.

It disgust me, that a CITY named after the Washington’s, assassinated Lt. Col John Washington, last Washington to own and live at Mount Vernon, recognized head of the Washington clan, aid de Camp to Robert E Lee, from concealment, in September, 1861, in what is now, West Virginia.

It disgust me, a CITY named after the Washingtons, murdered George S Patton, American General, WW 2, a descendant of the Washingtons, and a first cousin to General George Washington, in Germany, December, 1945.

John C Carleton

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